“Every second you spend thinking about what somebody else has is taking away from time that you could create something for yourself”.

– Gary Vaynerchuk.

I have played and coached basketball in 11 different countries over a 17 year professional span. Growing up I’ve heard the phrase “it’s only a game” in many different contexts, but the simple fact is the game of basketball has given me more than just a career. I have travelled and experienced so many great places and great people that had I not so stubbornly pursued the game I love, honestly, I may never have left my hometown of Plymouth.

You are however given the gift and curse of time, a lot of time. I have grown into enjoying the nomadic persona you embrace as part of the lifestyle. Friend to all, close to not many becomes a mantra in the field and that’s never more clearer than when you go into coaching. I’ve wondered several times if it’s the end of the road, time for a change, some of those times longer than others but somehow come out the other side, ball in hand. Each time an adventure comes to a close I evaluate and ask myself where I’m headed next.

Lately those questions have become a lot more in-depth, a lot more pressing. I’ve started to look through past off season scribbles, written in many a coffee house. I feel like we tell ourselves at a certain point that we are what we are and there isn’t any room for creative out of the box thinking. We look at our achievements, our situations, even our relationships and shackle ourselves into submission when new ventures or projects arise. With my “a lot of time” I let other passions arise to the surface, reading, writing, fitness, fashion, music, business, but see ideas drift into oblivion when it’s time to focus on basketball again. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an omission to the world that I’m giving up basketball and moving to Tibet to meditate in a temple until I find my calling. In fact I’m not moving too far away from conventional at all, I simply want to see if I can create something that combines my career direction with other interests. I have an aspiring business mind that I would like to put to the test.

Will it work? Who knows.

But anyone who ever did anything had to start somewhere. Most people don’t begin with a grand vision and I’m no different. They start with an idea and an action. The hope is in the process of doing I can build something greater. Follow me as I explore past, present and future of my life to see where all this goes.

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